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Jet Connect – New Zealand Based Airline Service

October 15th, 2022

Jet Connect is an airline service which is based in Auckland, New Zealand. It was established in the year 2002. In October 2004, Jet Connect was successful in starting the actual operation. Connect is one of the subsidiary companies of Qantas.

Aircraft of Connect Airlines are designed in New Zealand. The crew members are also generally from New Zealand. Domestic services are also available within the country. Auckland Airport is the main base for this airline service. The 737-400 aircraft were previously operated by the Australian Airlines and Qantas. 737-800 are the brand-new and an interesting form of the aircraft.

The historical background of Connect is indeed very interesting. It is known that, the domestic flights were operated by Jet Connect in New Zealand till the year 2009. The final domestic service was QF2728 (from Wellington to Auckland) and was operated by 737-300 ZK-JNC. Various places included in the routes of this domestic service are Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, Christchurch and Queenstown.

Although being a new service, Connect is already earning good amount of profit. The response of the passengers has been good. It seems that the passengers are completely satisfied with the services provided during the flight. All safety issues have been studied carefully and necessary arrangements have been made for any kind of emergency situation. Majority of the crew members are experienced. All the members of the crew work with an objective to make the flight journey comfortable and ensure safety of the passengers.

Online booking of the tickets can be made at the official website of the company. The official website of Jet Connect is regularly updated. Technical experts maintain the website. Professional web designers have made the website presentable as well as informative. Connect Airlines is the best airline service in Auckland.